Friday, 3 June 2011


So the car went through the MOT. I have now covered nearly 1800 miles including making round trips from Southampton to Wales, Norwich and Hertfordshire. Particularly coming back from Hertfordshire I unfortunately got stuck in M25 traffic with no cool air, stand still and the weather was 28C - The car didn't go past 1/2 way on the temp gauge!

Had an issue with the new alternator, unfortunately it had a dud voltage regulator but it's fine. Today I am going to clean the grounds on the car up as my indicators have become intermitant again and have found that they start working if I apply pressure on the chassis ground. I also have arriving a brand new set of alloys (Dunlop D1's).

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

MOT Time

So I need an MOT by Friday 9th as I have a ferry booked to the Isle of Wight. Car was dropped at TopTechs Ltd in Milbrook Southampton who i have used once before and was happy with. Dropped it down this time last week and had a list of bits I wanted them to complete:
- get hazards working
- mount wing mirror
- set valve clearances
- tune carbs & advance curve
- align suspension

A few problems arose including front wheels catching on the new track rod ends whilst on full lock, illegal number plates (black and white), missing a fog light. Managed to adjust the front suspension so that it didn't catch and got some new plates and a fog light. Waiting to hear back from the MOT today.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

MOT week

Finished the suspension on friday, enjoyed making the most of my new torque wrench. Here's a few before and after shots of the stance / suspension:

 This was the next morning after it had settled:
And here's some photos of the suspension before:
Today has been spent undersealing the car, which looks great with all the new floors. Replaced the rear light assembly connections and resecured all the grounds. Discovered an issue with the indicators, getting power constantly - where as it should be timed (on, off, on off etc), will check the hazard switch (which apparently acts as a relay for the indicator circuit (Club triumph forums)). Have a new flasher unit and hazard unit if necessary anyway.